Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Well....I did say test batch!

This soap clearly wanted to gel and was not aloud to gel on the top wich left a funky colored ring near the top, although this is just a cosmetic flaw the soap itself is perfectly fine. I'll let the next test batch gel all the way so as to not get a gel ring in it. So that means Ariel and I have about 9 bars of Vampire kisses to use up in 6 weeks when it's ready wich we are both quite giddy about lol!


starification said...

I'll take one hehe ;)

soapnut said...

They look awesome anyway!!

Sherrilenett said...

Maybe we should have a contest??? Yea, I think we shall. How about a poem for the soap based off its scent discription, there will be a FIRST PLACE, SECOUND PLACE & THIRD PLACE. First place gets 3 bars, Secound place gets 2 bars and Third place gets 1 bar! I may even use the winning poem in our Etsy add for the new Vampire Kisses soap!!!! Look for the Blog that states "Poem Contest" thats were you will need to add your poems!

Thank you for your comments Soapnut and Starification!=]]]<3