Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cupcake soapies!

We love making cupcake soaps, these are Cold Process soaps. Ariel makes the lace topped cupcakes while I make the smoothed round rolled tops. We have been asked many times how to use a cupcake soap, well thats up to the user. Everyones style is different, we use the whole cupcake. Some people preffer to cut thiers up into slices, either way there is no wrong way to... lol bathe with a cupcake. Thats what makes washing with a cupcake so fun, the sky is the limit!


becker.cnm said...

which combonation are the cupcakes above this post the ones with the pink bottom and green and yellow top?

Sherrilenett said...

Those are all Rock Star type!=]

becker.cnm said...

oh cool! :)