Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Poem Contest"

A poem for the soap based off its scent discription, there will be a FIRST PLACE, SECOUND PLACE & THIRD PLACE. First place gets 3 bars, Secound place gets 2 bars and Third place gets 1 bar! I may even use the winning poem in our Etsy add for the new Vampire Kisses soap. The contest opens from now May 26-2010 to May 31-2010 at midnight. The soap bars will be from this test batch and shipped to you ASAP, store soap in a cool dry place away from moisture for 5-6 weeks before you use it as it will still need to cure when you get it.

Here is the scent discription: VAMPIRE KISSES begins with top notes of peach, apricot, and blackberries, middle notes of mandarin, cinnamon, and rose, and nicely balanced with just a hint of woodsy musk. Sexy and alluring like a Vampire!

Contest begins now, happy poem wrighting!=]]]


Marissa said...

here's my entry!

Lips like juciy peaches
eyes as warm as cinnamon
smelling of ripened blackberries
making all the girls cheeks rosey
who whouldnt want some vampire kisses!

hope you like it! =]

starification said...

here's the poem i wrote. hope you guys like it!

vampire kisses

awoken deep in the night
promises followed by the sensuous drift of unforgiving fruit
peaches and apricots float softly on the air
while blackberries greet this medley with its offering
the final fruit is gathered and taints the atmosphere with a light citrus fragrance
cinnamon and rose indulge, creating a musky scent reminiscent of lonely nights in the woods
heavenly mysteries beckon your chase

crystalbycarol said...

Enjoy!! my Entry!

My love is like cinnamon
Good and strong
Like a woodsy musk it goes down so deep
My love is like a rose
Whose beauty you want to keep

My love is like apricot and peach
Fuzzy and dull
My love is like blackberries smooth and fragile
My love is like mandarin nice and sweet

My love is like Vampire Kisses
It's to you that i surrender.

Sherrilenett said...

AWESOME, you all are so great at this poem stuff. Very clever, we love them all!=]]

Glittereyes82 said...

Bite me my sweet vampire lover
Suck and we both know I’ll
Become like you my love

We share each other blood
And there no secrets between
Us my Vampire
Taste my sweet rose scent
Feel my peach fuzz covered neck

I want to hunt and be
With you forever and
Always my sweet vampire

Wander in the moonlight
Till daylight I can be in
Your arms so nice and warm
I smell your woodsy musk scent
of your puncured neck
We are so close that I can heart
Your heartbeat like we are still

To sleep in your arms and dreams
of what we will be doing the next day
and see the world in a different way
My sweet Vampire