Sunday, May 23, 2010

TOG soap mold log cutter!

We have been really enjoying our log cutter, it works like a charm each and everytime. No more lopsided bars of soap, just perfectly cut smooth bars fast and easy. It's nice to have one less thing to worry about as we are working on our soapies. I just can't believe we waited this long to get one. The prices are very affordable and in fact I find that it is paying for itself in that we do not have anymore ugly krookid bars. I did read this sellers feed back before I decided to go with him, I know that time is money for some people and they want thier items yesturday. I understand that it takes time to make the kind of woodwork he does, so I told him right off the bat to take all the time he needs to do a good job and that I was in no hurry. I think it took him about 8 weeks to handcraft my cutter and get it to me. I am well please with his services and log cutter, hehehe it is my new baby and I treat it as such!=]


sscherry77 said...

I so agree it takes time to craft something and most of the time there are "flaws" that can or not be worked out that is just the nature of handywork . But when you master your craft it's awsome. I understand that fully to bad others do not see that way

SeifenRuehrer said...

I am looking for a long time after such a soap cutter. Here in Germany you get no such thing.
Where can I buy this soap cutter?
Excuse my bad english