Friday, October 29, 2010

Mermaid kisses cupcake soaps!

On the menu for today, Mermaid kisses cupcake soaps. First I start by hand cutting each heart that will go onto each cupcake. The candy sprinkle are large so they I hope will look like little pearls on the frosting, they are a pearlized color!


TylerByChanel's Blog said...

Your One Of the Only People Out there who Show How they Make the soap! Thats Good Because it Makes things more personal!... and we Know Nothing Bad goes Into the Product! Thanks for sharing it sheri

Sherrilenett said...

Thank you honey, I thought people would kinda like to see a start to finish how it's made type deal. In the pictures it must look easy, but the actaul pipeing of the Cold Process soap is a pain. I have to work REALLY fast before the soap turns to a solid mass in the pipeing bag...ask me how I know this lol!

TylerByChanel's Blog said...

It seems Like Alot Of Work! And the Prcies are Pretty cheap for all the work You Put In But You can see from Your Videos! You Look to work on these soaps! Its a very personal thing :D