Thursday, October 28, 2010

CONTEST OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Contest open, and will be closed at midnight Halloween. What I'm looking for is a short but sweet poem of my new soap "HEY SUGAR". The scent discription is: Hey sugar! Hello me! Be the sweet center of attention when you lavish yourself with this self- indulgent goats milk body bar. A tastefully tart lemon sugar scent. And remember, sweet doesn't always mean innocent.

There will only be (1) winner this time, the prize is one full bar of this soap plus a cupcake soap as pictured and a matching body frosting and body milk. MUST BE one of my followers on my blog spot and be willing to give your shipping address of course. Good luck to all, and just remember if ya don't win this one no worries because I will be posting lots more contests and Etsy free be teaser goodies only offered here on my Blogspot! ~HUGS~


vetarmygirl said...

Hey Sugar,
Well Hello Me!
What have you been up to
these days lets see.

I have been busy,
A little naughty and nice.
People just love me no matter the price.

I am a little sweet,
I am a little tart.
I am made with goats milk
for a real soothing start.

You can love my sweet nature,
Thank Sherri for that.
She put me together,I'll be here for a while.
Incase your are wondering,
I will make you Smile.

TylerByChanel's Blog said...

Hey! Sugar
How are You? You smell so Beautiful as usual as its you.. Your just like candy smell so sweet! I just wish you were my secret treat! with! Goats Milk Making me So soft! You can't deny You love me lots.

I am Good In the winter also In the Summer for Anyone Out there who is a Sugar Lover.

With a Very Good good Lather and skin so soft I am worth that Little Extra cost

I smell of sugar! and Look so Cute! I am sure I am the perfect treat for you.

Thank you for doing this Contest Sheri! :).

Amanda said...

Floating like a bubble down the street, making the world so sugary sweet. Lemony like a sunny day, melting all your cares away. It's the perfect bath time treat. Hey, Sugar, you smell sweet!

Thanks for your time : )

pixiepall234 said...

Hey Sugar,

So sweet like a birdies tweet, waiting for someone to lather it but I rather eat it. It's sparkle makes me wanna shout but theres no way i'll pout. So yummy from head to toe, but i'd think it'd look cuter with a bow. Ohh Sherri Sherri, You make me wanna smell like your soaps! What no rhyme that time. Ahh sweet sugar your nothing like a buger! Thank you sherri for this contest!

-Sarah H. Age 11

one pink sock said...

Well, hello there sugar!
Mmmmm you smell nice
With sugar, and lemon,
You are sure to entice!

The lemon so tart
and sugar so sweet
It's you that I reach for
When I want a treat

With body frosting and soap,
and body milk, delish!
I can't wait to be with you
You sweet little dish

In the bath, and the shower
I would use you all up
So give me some sugar
come on, pucker up!

(haha see what I did there? give me some sugar, cuz it smells like sugar, and pucker up, like you do when you kiss.....or when you eat a lemon. Teehee, okay back to the poem)

So here is my poem,
Lemony tart and sugary sweet,
Just for Ariel's Secret Garden
MY secret little treat

SweetGlazed said...

Hey Sugar! Hello Me!
A Temptious whiff of heaven.
With soft swirls and sweet lemony tart,
A lavish indulgence indeed!

Brewed with creamy goats milk,
Mother Nature's secret food to satisfied skin.
Inspired by the angel's sparkling haven!

Prepare to be the center of oh so sweet attention,
They warn!
Lather in it's delicious scent, delicate bubbles, and sugary froth,
The limelight is your turn.

Hey Sugar! Hello Me!
Be careful by what you see.
Remember, sweet isn't always innocent.
Unlock a fantasy adventure,
So pick your treat.

Devilishlycharmn said...

Hey Sugar, You lemony tart!
So sinful, delicious, you sassy sweetheart. Oh! How you pamper! Oh! How you shine... Hey Sugar,Hey Sugar! I've got to make you mine!

and I also thought of a little blurb for you to use on etsy for it as well...

Relax and take a whiff of one of the most decadent Lemon sugar scents ever made. Tart Lemon wakes you up and the sweet sugar just ensures you will be a morning person. Made with fresh whole goat's milk, and loads of skin loving oils. Our Bath and body works dupe is good for the skin and the soul

Devilishlycharmn said...

One of my absolutely FAVE scents of all time!!! I am so glad you are doing this contest and offering a dupe of this now YAY!!!! <3 ya Sherri and Ariel you guys are the BEST!!!

st1526 said...

When you walk in a room they all stop and stare
What else can be done its the aroma you wear
You lure them all in with your innocent looks
Then keep them entrapped like a fish on a hook
You're sugary sweet yet deliciously tart
You kiss the boys once and then steal their hearts
Then as quick as you arrived you disappear in the night
Leaving them sighing "Hey, Sugar"
with smiles of delight

Sherrilenett said...

OMG these are so freakin good you guy's. I love them all!!=]]

gen said...

I'm yellow on the outside,
tart and sweet within.
My lemon dress has many folds,
won't you take a whiff?

I'll catch your eye with my glitters,
drench your skin in milk
Wash your worries away,
leaving you like silk.

(Poem inspired by the cupcake soap) Thanks Sherri :D This is my first time joining any contest online, so exciting!

lalalushie2010 said...

How you doin'?
I just stopped by to see what's brewin'.

Lemon Biscotti Pie and I had a date....
But, by the SMELL of YOU, I think I'm gonna be late!!

She's warm and cozy
While you're TART and SWEET!
She's consitancy and you're the SPECIAL TREAT!

You're another TRUE LOVE that I never saw coming.
With GLISTENING curls and SHIMMERY peaks!
The look and smell of you makes me weak!

So please excuse my imposition.
But, the sight of you keeps me WISHING...
That one day you and I will REALLY meet!!
and you will be my BUBBLE FILLED TREAT!


Thanks for the contest Ariel & Sherri!!

Kate Gene said...

Hey there, Suga'!

You sure are looking mighty fine. Oh, what I would give to make you mine-oh-mine!

Sugar and lemons?
Perfect for fall!
Sweet and sassy...
You've got it all!

Tasty calorie-free goodies...
always put me in a good mood(y).

Decadent and luxurious...
You're fit for a queen!
Thank goodness you're a treat that keeps the hips lean!

Sherri and Ariel never cease to amaze me.
To not fall in love with their shop is downright crazy!
Their sparkling, sweet products never let me down.
Check them out and watch your frown flip around!


Thank you for hosting this giveaway, ladies! The other entries are fantastic. Mine, on the other hand... Whoa, boy... XD

Sherrilenett said...

Sweet Mother of Mary these all rock, you guy's are awesome. Five more hours and the contest closes!

Kate Gene said...

Whoo hoo! Best of luck, everyone! :D

TylerByChanel's Blog said...

Goodluck everyone... Fab Contest. Thanks alot sheri

Sherrilenett said...

OMG you guy's this was soooo freakin hard to pick just one winner. Give me a sec. and I will post the winner of this Blog contest!

Kate Gene said...

Congratulations to the winner! :)

Devilishlycharmn said...

Quivering in anticip.....ation. Good luck all!!!!

Kate Gene said...

Seriously, you must have had a very difficult time choosing! Your followers are all very creative! One Pink Sock's poem rocked my socks; she definitely deserved to win! :D

P. S. I can't believe I used the word mood(y). O.o I am such a cheeseball! XD