Sunday, July 18, 2010

Update on our Etsy shop & Blog!

We will be blogging again soon and our Etsy shop will be open in about a week. I have taken lots of pic's for you all to see from beautiful Arkansas but have not been able to down load because our usb cord is packed away still. I have been slowly unpacking the soaping supplies and gearing up to soap starting next week. I will of course keep you all posted on our new batches of soap. I hope to be soaping "Disco Doll" and "Sugar Bubbles" as well as a few other new scents. We will be discontinuing a few of our scents like Baby powder, Karma, Champage Snow showers and Boogie man.

We still need to work on our Blog settings for the comments that are still down.

We will be restocking Bubble bars Bath salts and Bath bombs in the next couple days. Lotion bars will be restocked after summer, and resin jewelry will be restocked as we reopen.

With our new home here in Arkansas I am getting inspired by all the beautiful things to see and do around here, so alot of that will surely come through in our soapies. My Grandmother was born and raised here, we have alot of family here both on my side of the family and my husbands. Its nice to be in a place were I know my Grandmother spent such a big part of here life.

Thanks to all that have been keepin up with our little blog, I will be posting more Pocket Possitives as soon as I can find were I packed my little book. Thanks again!=]


MsCarla said...

Hi Sherri & Ariel,
We received our order just before you closed shop. We LOVE everything!! Thank you so much for all the "extras." Glad to hear something from you finally! LOL! Glad you all made it safe and hope you get settled in! Can't wait to see you on youtube again. :0}

xNaturalScentsx said...

Glad to here that you make it to Arkansas safely. Thank you so much for the goodies you sent along with the orders. I can't wait until your shop open again and can't wait to see you on YT again.

p.s. Awwww....I gonna miss Champage Snow's one of my favorite scent.... =(